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Solar Panel Installation for Photovoltaic Panels (Solar PV Panels)

Solar PV panels are regarded as the cheapest form of electricity generation and is a proven technology that can benefit any business or homeowner.

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Return on investment

As electricity demand and costs increase, Solar can provide stability by controlling and providing protection from increasing electricity costs whilst also enabling your business to benefit by using Zero Carbon electricity.

A Solar PV panel Installation enables your business or home to produce electricity, bypassing costs associated with the transport, distribution and use of system, as well as government levies. These costs can be seen on your electricity bill and can mean that up to 58% of your electricity bill isn’t actually paying for electricity. Producing solar electricity onsite can eliminate all or some of these costs.

Get started What is Solar PV?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is the generation of electricity using the sun’s light. With it operating on daylight, you are guaranteed energy generation everyday.

The higher the light intensity and the longer daylight hours, the more electricity the solar system will produce. With no moving parts, solar PV requires minimal Operations and Maintenance costs.

The installation costs since 2010 have dramatically reduced year on year. Today we are finding these costs have begun to stabilise, however the increasing cost of electricity is further promoting Solar to be a real carbon saving investment opportunity.

EnergyForce are experts in the installation of Solar PV systems and provide expert advice throughout the process of identifying, assessing, delivering and maintaining a solar PV system at your business.

There are considerations to be taken, such as your current grid connection, installation type and consents required; however EnergyForce makes this a simple process.

Solar can still provide you upto 50% saving

By generating electricity from Solar PV panels (photovoltaic panels) it is much cheaper than buying it from the grid. If we split your current electricity costs into two sections: non-electricity costs (which we have mentioned above) and the actual wholesale electricity cost. Over the term of an installation, and disregarding the non-electricity costs, solar can still provide you up to 50% saving from current wholesale electricity costs.

Although short-term energy prices do fluctuate, long-term energy forecasts predict an annual rise of 6%. Whilst shopping around can reduce costs, switching to self-generation by installing a Solar PV panel system will achieve far greater savings and provide protection from annual electricity price rises.

Solar PV Installations
Solar PV Panels

A solar PV panel installation can:

Reduce your business' Carbon Footprint and help contribute towards Net Zero.

Help avoid the non-electricity of up to 58% costs found on your electricity bills.

Provide up to 50% savings against current wholesale electricity costs.

Provide protection against increases in electricity costs.

Provide paybacks from as little as 4 years.

Experts In Solar PV Panels

EnergyForce employ qualified engineers for the installation of Solar PV systems and provide trusted advice throughout the process of identifying, assessing, delivering and maintaining a solar PV system at your business. There are considerations to be taken, such as your current grid connection, installation type, electricity usage, profile and consents required; however EnergyForce makes this a simple process.

PV Solar Panels
Solar Farm Panels


As a proven technology, it is also an easily financed solution with EnergyForce offering low capital purchase or simple solar lease options.

EnergyForce can provide highly efficient solar PV panel installations with an extremely low Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), ensuring we provide a quality solution and reassurance with comprehensive warranties.

Our ability to look beyond the standard requirement for a solar PV system and obtain a detailed insight into each of our client’s sites Low voltage and high voltage infrastructure enables us to provide a detailed report on its solar potential, as well as any limitations.

Experts in obtaining consent from Distribution Network Operators

As a solar PV system usually operates in parallel with your local Distribution Network Operator’s (DNO’s) assets, unless off grid, it is a requirement for systems greater than 16A per phase to obtain permission.

Our solar experts have 15 years’ experience in obtaining permission to connect a Solar PV system in parallel with Distribution Network Operators as well as obtaining export agreements. Our teams have experience in obtaining consents of up to 50MW for our clients.

We often manage to secure connections where others have failed which is a testimony to our team’s knowledge, experience and trusted relationships built up over the years

Photovoltaic Panels
Roof solar panel installations

Intuitive Control Systems & Battery Storage Integration

It may be a requirement to control the flow of electricity or limit the amount of export on a site. We have a lot of experience in developing such systems as well as working with G100 certified devices to help satisfy DNO’s requirements.

Our innovations in Dynamic Load Management through EnergyForce EnergyGuard, as well as integration with G100 certified products or Solar battery storage systems, provides flexibility to sites to not only overcome restrictions but also to enhance the systems’ financial performance.

Operations & Maintenance

As with all our solutions security, operations and maintenance requirements are no afterthought and as such Operations and Maintenance requirements are integrated at the start.

Our experts provide comprehensive monitoring and reporting options for our customers, developed to be proactive in identifying product failure and underperformances. Our reporting and technical support are on hand to provide assurance that you are safe in the hands of experts who are committed to ensuring your solar installations meet and exceed their predicted performances.

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Solar panel maintenance

Types of Solar PV Panel Installations

Roof Solar Panel Installation

Roof solar pv panels (photovoltaic panels) can be installed to your unused roof space, creating a valuable energy-generating asset that will lower your business electricity costs and provide long-term energy security, predictability, and carbon reduction.

Installing solar pv panels to your rooftop can be the most cost-effective solution and whilst south-facing roofs will provide the highest generation, it can still be viable to install on East and West elevations. An EnergyForce site audit can provide the viability of a roof installation before committing to the project.

EnergyForce has commercial solar solutions to cater for all roof types, utilising industry-leading products and highly experienced installation teams.

Solar PV Panel Flat Roof installations are becoming very popular with commercial clients and with the option of ballasted fixing methods, this avoids invasive roof penetrations whilst enabling businesses to maximise their solar potential by using these vast spaces.

Our Solar Rooftop solutions have extended warranties as well as adhering to installation and fixing methods, to avoid any conflicts with existing roof warranties.

As with all our solutions, operations and maintenance requirements are no afterthought and as such O&M requirements are integrated at the start. Man safe and roof access systems should always be a consideration and can be installed by EnergyForce.

Ground Mounted Solar Panel Installations

With ground-mounted solar pv panel installation (photovoltaic panels), you attain the maximum yield possible for the location achieving the perfect orientation and optimum angle.

If you have approximately half an acre or more of ground area available, a solar ground mount installation could be highly beneficial to your business. This creates an electricity-generating asset that will lower your business’ electricity costs and provide longer-term energy security, predictability, and carbon reduction.

EnergyForce has a variety of solar park installation methods that are each selected depending upon the site requirements and ground conditions. Using only bankable products with industry-leading warranties, we can provide peace of mind on the durability and quality of our ground-mount installations.

Solar Car Ports

Our Solar Car Port installations enable the installation of solar panels to a car canopy. The advantage this provides is to utilise existing car park space to enable a much larger solar system to be installed, helping power your business or factory.

EnergyForce Solar Car Ports are becoming very popular, especially with the integration of EV charging enabling more power to be provided within car parks to facilitate Zero Carbon Transport.

Our solar and civil engineers will select and customise the most appropriate carport solution for your business, enabling maximum generation whilst also considering the requirement to integrate a variety of solutions such as glass \ glass solar panels, lighting, rainwater drainage and EV charging.

Floating Solar

Our floating solar solutions enable solar installations to be installed on lakes or reservoirs, enabling the space to be used to generate zero-carbon electricity.

Special buoyant mounting structures are pieced together to mount the solar panels with access walkways to not only facilitate the installation but any Operations and Maintenance requirements.

EnergyForce has seen first-hand that solar installations near water often produce more electricity aided by the reflective light from the water.

Building Integrated PV – BIPV

EnergyForce Solar Building integrated PV solutions help provide aesthetically pleasing solar installations where the solar panels are integrated within the roof or building façade.

Whilst BIPV is generally more expensive than a standard solar pv panel installation, EnergyForce is leading the way to help promote the integration of Solar into all new builds. We work closely with leading architects to help develop and locate solutions fir for their designs.

Innovations in BIPV help promote the awareness of Solar and the fact that it is and will be part of our everyday life.
We have a variety of Solar Glass roofs, Solar Tiles, Solar Façade systems as well as a variety of colour options available.

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