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Rybrook Blythe Valley Specialist Cars

Client Name:

Rybrook Blythe Valley Specialist Cars

Client Location:

Blythe Valley


  • 62KWP
  • 54,660 estimated annual production
  • 1 Week installation time
  • 164 solar panels

EnergyForce is a key partner to Rybrook, one of the UK’s largest privately owned car dealerships. Having previously installed several integrated EV and Solar PV projects for other Rybrook sites, including:  Rybrook Blythe Valley Specialist Cars,  the home of McLaren aftersales support. Click here to visit the Rybrook Blythe Valley website.

In an increasingly energy conscious world, vehicle dealerships are no stranger to the challenge of managing rising electricity prices, whilst also responding to the demand for electric vehicles, and the pressure this puts on dealer infrastructure.

However, Supercars such as the McLaren Artura can sometimes pose a different challenge for dealerships in terms of managing and exceeding customer expectations, including rapid charging options.

From initial feasibility studies, through to installation and aftercare, EnergyForce are experts in helping companies maximise the potential of sustainable energy solutions, whether in the form of Solar PV, EV Charging or Battery Storage.

In the case of Rybrook Blythe Valley Specialist Cars, EnergyForce designed and installed an integrated 62KWP system of 164 roof mounted solar panels, providing up to 54,660 KWh of annual energy production. Once installed, our advanced software and ongoing monitoring ensure that the system will continue to operate at peak efficiency, delivering a rapid return on investment.

Despite being a relatively large installation on this site, the entire 164 panels were Installed in only 1 week, minimising disruption to the dealership and customers, providing clean energy and a more rapid rate of investment return.

Rybrook now has the option of using this cost-effective green energy to power existing uses such as heating and lighting, divert to their EnergyForce EV chargers, or to sell back to the grid.

As the business grows, Rybrook has the option of extending the Solar Panels further on both roofs and ground mount, or integrating them with our battery storage solutions, storing energy for use at peak demand times, reducing expensive energy usage from the grid.

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