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Electric Vehicle Charging And Installation For Hotels And Leisure

Is your Hotel ready for the electric vehicle revolution?

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions For Leisure

At EnergyForce, we are at the forefront of the movement towards electric vehicles, supplying numerous businesses across the UK with the means to administer electric charging. We provide hotels and businesses in the leisure sector with the latest in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, including fast, rapid and ultra-rapid charging.

To help support and offset your rising energy costs, our experts in solar pv can fit a bespoke solution, tailored to the needs and requirements of your business, as well as your infrastructure. You can even make paybacks from as little as 4 years!

The installation of a solar battery storage system can also provide your hotel with additional flexibility, storing any excess electricity generated from your solar pv panels, helping to manage potential electrical infrastructure constraints.

What’s more, our expertise in Solar PV can also help reduce your rising energy costs.

In addition, we’re not tied to any one technology provider, so we can tailor the ideal solution for your Service Station.

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Charging For Guests

Increase your rates of occupancy by providing your guests who require electrical charging with the means to do so.

Consider the needs of your guests and the team at EnergyForce will provide the perfect charging solutions to benefit their varying needs. Rapid chargers can provide customers that are visiting for a short period of time with a full vehicle charge in just a few hours; ideally suited to those attending conferences, eating at restaurants as well as remote workers or on-the-go individuals. And guests that intend to stay overnight can expect a steady charging solution that charges their vehicle overnight.

As the demand for electric charging grows, the potential for disruption of existing infrastructure also increases. Our bespoke charging solutions can help to provide you with an intelligent alternative. Sharing the electrical load across 90 chargers and charging stations, every charging unit provides you with increased control over your electric demands.

Additional Revenue Stream

Providing guests with the ability to charge their electric vehicles presents your business with a number of benefits including:

Attracting and providing for new, eco-conscious customers, encouraging repeat custom and a positive perception of your brand, leading to a better reputation overall..

Increases their dwell time.

Staying at your facility for increased periods of time helps to encourage consumers to spend with your business. Their vehicles can charge whilst they shop or dine.

You can also charge customers for their electric vehicle charging at rates that bring in more revenue for your business.

A Trusted Partner

When selecting a charging point that is suitable for the needs of your business, we appreciate that there are many things to consider during this process. At EnergyForce, we provide clients with expert guidance by developing a tailor-made Electric Vehicle Enablement Plan that encompasses their current and future requirements. We assess every option available to guarantee the best solution in the most cost-effective way.

As a trusted partner to hundreds of businesses and known by numerous hotels and businesses within the leisure sector, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands with our dedicated team.


Our highly qualified, expert engineers will examine your site to provide a first-rate solution that alleviates the need for costly upgrades, where possible. Our team operates and installs charge points in hotels nationwide. After installation, our support team will be on hand to answer any questions or queries regarding the operation or status of your charge points. They will also support your business with ongoing operations and maintenance support.

Load Management & Storage

Our EnergyGuard solution helps satisfy Distribution Network Operators’ requirements by controlling the flow of electricity, and the integration of our battery storage solutions provide flexibility and extra capacity for any excess energy that’s generated. The combination of the two helps hotels and businesses to overcome restrictions, and delays the need for expensive capacity upgrades.

Charge Point Operator

We have invested in and developed our own Charge Point Operator Platform (CPO) EnergyForce InMotion, providing our customers with remote support and a wealth of charge point configuration features including:

Times of charge point availability..

Integration of booking systems - reservation for set charging times per socket.

Security authorisations.

The categorisation of staff and guest charging.

Rates of charging for guests.

Detailed reports - usage, revenue, availability.

We can even provide a white-labelled solution for your brand.

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