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Middleton Service Station

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Middleton Service Station

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Middleton Service Station


Solar PV

Solution Size

30,000 KWP

Service Stations are typically high users of energy, powering lights, car washes, fuel pumps, tills etc 24/7 365 days per day.

In addition, the rise of EV chargers also places extra demands upon electricity usage, and ultimately the grid connection.

Solar PV has long provided a healthy return on investment, and increasingly so in light of environmental and recent energy price rises.

EnergyForce are experts in Solar PV, and have many years experience in helping customers utilise renewable technologies effectively,  from initial feasibility studies, through to installation and ongoing operations and maintenance.

EnergyForce were asked by Middleton Service Station to install a total Solar PV capacity of 30 KWP.

This level of Solar capacity can reduce energy costs significantly, with any excess sold back to the grid. Alternatively, EnergyForce can also install battery systems to store the excess energy, using at times of peak demand.

Where customers also have EV charging needs, we can also advise upon the best integrated system for your needs, combining Solar PV, EV Charging and Battery Storage to minimise your use of external power, and ensure continuity of supply.

This method of renewable energy management can also reduce or eliminate the need to upgrade grid connections as your business needs grow.

Finally, at EnergyForce our support doesn’t end with the installation. All of our Solar PV systems have the option of a maintenance package, providing regular reports which maximise the potential of your investment.

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