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Rybrook Warrington Volvo

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Rybrook Warrington Volvo

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Solutions Solar PV

  • 42KWP Solare
  • 111 Panels
  • 1 week installation time
  • 30,350 KWh estimated annual production

Solutions EV Chargers

2 x Wallbox Duo External
1 x Wallbox Duo Internal

In addition to the more specialist brands, Rybrook also supports other brands such as MINI, Land Rover, Porsche and Volvo.

Many of these brands already have an advanced range of both EV and Hybrid vehicles on offer, so naturally Rybrook Volvo in Warrington is at the forefront of supporting this. Click here to visit Rybrook Volvo website.

EnergyForce already has expert knowledge of integrated Solar PV and EV installs within UK car dealerships, and was therefore delighted to work with Rybrook Volvo in Warrington to instal some of the UK’s most advanced technology, perfect for supporting such models as the advanced Volvo XC40 Recharge.

Like many Dealerships, Rybrook has a dual challenge: reducing rising energy costs wherever possible, and managing the demand and supply of energy for electric vehicles.

After an initial consultation and feasibility study, EnergyForce recommended the installation of 111 roof mounted solar panels, with the potential to provide up to 30,350 KWh annual energy production. This is backed by regular monitoring software and maintenance, which ensures optimal performance for the life of the panels.

Installed in just 1 week, the energy from these solar panels can now be used onsite, reducing energy usage direct from the grid, whether it’s for heating, lighting, to support our newly installed EV chargers or sold back to the grid.

To support the sale and maintenance of the Volvo EV fleet, EnergyForce recommended and installed Wallbox Duo EV chargers, with internal and external options.

The Wallbox Duo is the proven workhorse when it comes to EV charging, offering inbuilt load balancing capability, with the ability to share charge across multiple chargers, screen based performance management software linked to RFID or App technology, and the ability to charge two vehicles at once.

The sophisticated software that comes with Wallbox now allows Rybrook to control who uses the EV chargers, when to charge using the cheapest rate of electricity, and even charge specific users if needed.

EnergyForce InMotion AppOur own EnergyForce InMotion App gives customers easy access to their charging unit, allowing them to maximise their return on investment.

What’s more, Rybrook Volvo now has a completely scalable energy management solution, allowing it to add more chargers into the system, or even to expand into battery technology, allowing it to store and reuse power when it needs.

EnergyForce Wallbox Duo

EnergyForce Wallbox Duo EV Charger
  • Smart Connectivity
  • Dynamic Load Balancing
  • User Control
  • Robust Construction
  • Adaptable

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