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EnergyForce PowerStack

Satellite EV Charging Solution

EnergyForce PowerStack Rapid Charger


  • Comply with CCS, Chademo connectors
  • Flexible power distribution function, dynamically adjust output power according to the demand of electric vehicles.
  • Multi outlets to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously,
    the output and power as follows:
    configurable 2~12 outlets, 30~180KW flexible output.
  • 12.1 inch LCD/LED screen to display information in real time,
    easy operation and interactive user interface.
  • Supports Web & mobile based payment methods.
  • Insulation monitoring function, automatically turn off output
    to ensure safe charging.
  • Provides maximum utilistation and modular concept
    for scalability.
  • High efficiency and high reliability, as well as fast maintenance,
    with flexible capacity expansion protection.

Smart App

Connect to the EnergyForce PowerStack integrated dashboard to view and control the charger or integrate to the EnergyForce InMotion smart app via OCPP.

InMotion Charge Point Operator
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EnergyForce PowerStack

Technical Specification

Model/PNPowerStack 360KW
System capacity360KW
Maximum outlets12
Output capacity of each route30~180kW
Input voltage400VAC±20%
Input voltage range260V~530V (260V~304VAC, output power derating 50%)
Current share precision< 3%
Power factor> 0.99
Working frequency50/60HZ
Output voltage50VDC-1000VDC
Current regulation accuracy< 1%
Voltage regulation accuracy< 0.5%
Current share precision< 3%
Overall efficiency95%
RFID systemISO/IEC14443A, Mifare;
Network connection4G(GSM or CDMA)|LAN|WI-FI
Communication ProtocolsOCPP1.6J (OCPP 2.0 upgradable)
Operating temperature-35ºC-60ºC(-20ºC~ -35ºC,heating required)
Storage Temperature-40ºC~+70ºC
Operating humidity≤ 95%,non-condensing
AltitudeUp to 1000meters
Acoustic noise< 55dB
Compliance and safetyCE,,IEC EN61851,,EN62196,,DIN70121,,ISO15118
Dimension (W*D*H) DC PowerStack800*650*2250
Charge post320*320*2300


PowerStack Rapid Charger Line Drawing
PowerStack Rapid Charger

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