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Electric vehicle charger, Solar battery storage and Solar panel maintenance

EnergyForce provide industry leading, proactive and reactive maintenance for Solar, EV Chargers, Battery and HV\LV infrastructure.

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Achieve optimum performance

We provide peace of mind to our clients that their energy system will operate safely, efficiently and achieve optimum performance throughout the lifetime of their system. EnergyForce maintain our client’s environmental and financial goals.

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Operations & Maintenance

EnergyForce have developed simple yet comprehensive operation and maintenance options, allowing our clients to receive a bespoke package, tailored to their business needs. We will also maintain systems that we haven’t installed and we give assurance that you will quickly have confidence in us as your new partner with our industry-leading services.

Our expert engineers and trusted partners provide annual maintenance inspections, repairs, performance monitoring, performance reporting, cleaning, testing and warranty claims management.

Solar panel maintenance

Solar Panel Maintenance & Operations

EnergyForce provides live solar generation monitoring. Our platform collects data from various manufacturers’ systems, providing inverter-level detailed insights down to string level. Our expert team can benchmark its performance and highlight any potential issues early, before they become a costly problem.

Planned Solar panel maintenance visits are essential and should be part of your annual electrical safety and testing procedure. It is important that the condition of components is regularly checked to identify early signs of deterioration and premature wear and tear.

EnergyForce can also provide additional services such as temporary removal of your PV system to allow for roof repairs; lift and shift an existing solar system to a new building or site; generation meter swap out; and OFGEM notifications.

EV Charger Maintenance

EV charging stations have relatively low maintenance requirements, however it is still important to have periodic checks by experts to identity any potential issues early. We provide visual inspections, charging checks and replacement services.

Grid Connections Maintenance

A business HV and LV infrastructure is mission critical and should a power failure occur, it could be expensive and cause disruption to your business.

EnergyForce electrical engineers will periodically inspect and test to ensure your network is sound, to mitigate any issues before they may occur. We provide routine maintenance of all electrical and mechanical elements including oil filled transformers and switchgear.

In addition to our HV and LV maintenance services EnergyForce can also install new eco infrastructure to help reduce energy cost and usage.

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