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EnergyForce Wallbox Duo

Sleek design with dual charging capabilities

The EnergyForce Wallbox Duo is based on our popular Wallbox charger but with two charging sockets to enable dual charge sessions simultaneously.

Smart Communication Features

Dynamic Load Balancing

Smart Connectivity

With EnergyForce chargers, your vehicle can be connected to up to 90 charging stations across the country.

Dynamic Load Balancing

The dynamic load balancing technology allows charging stations and charger outlets to share available power to ensure that electricity is delivered as efficiently as possible.

User Control

You can view and control the device’s performance by using the OLED screen, LED lights, RFID tag, or smart app technologies.

Robust Construction

Anodised aluminium construction provides you with a stylish charger that is also robust and reliable.


InMotion app or other Charge Point Operator platforms can be integrated with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) technology.






OLED Screen

Displays the charging information, as well as any errors associated with the charging process.

LED Lights

There are clear LED light indicators showing the status of the charging and idle process.


Ensures that charge sessions are tracked and usage information is collected via RFID tags, increasing security and enabling charge session tracking.

Smart App

With the EnergyForce Wallbox integrated dashboard, you can view and control the charger, or you can connect your charger to EnergyForce InMotion via OCPP.

Dual Charging Capability

Dual charging sockets enable simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles. The max power output is 7.4KW per socket with Wallbox Duo. Wallbox Duo Power and Wallbox Adspace offer 22KW per socket. Charging speeds are restricted to available capacity at the installed premises.

EnergyForce Wallbox Duo

Technical Specification

Wallbox Duo

Wallbox DUO Power

Wallbox Adspace

Safe charging2x 1,4 kW - 7,4 kW 2x 1,4 kW - 22 kW2x 1,4 kW - 22 kW
Socket / Cable2 x type 2 socket2 x type 2 socket2 x type 2 socket
Communication OCPP 1.6 Protocoloffline/onlineoffline/onlineoffline/online
OLED graphic display + RFID reader + functional buttonsbuilt-inbuilt-inbuilt-in
Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) DLBDLBDLB
Energy meterbuilt-in/MIDbuilt-in/MIDbuilt-in/MID
RCD AEnergyForce RCMBEnergyForce RCMBEnergyForce RCMB
IK Classification IK 10IK 10IK 10
IP ClassificationIP 54IP 54IP 54
Operating temperature-20°C / + 55°C-20°C / + 55°C-20°C / + 55°C
Height (mm)250250 250
Width (mm)3905301000
Depth (mm)150150150

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