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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

We help you generate revenues, offset carbon emissions and take your business to the future with reliable EV Charging. For over 15 years, at EnergyForce, we have been committed to installing EV charging points using cutting-edge technology.

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EnergyForce Vertical EV Charger


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EnergyForce Wallbox Electric Vehicle Charging


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Wallbox Duo Electric Vehicle Home Charging Points

Wallbox Duo

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EnergyForce Rapid EV Charger

Rapid Charger

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EV charging is the future

The electric car market is growing quickly, with the United Kingdom committed to banning the sale of all Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles by 2030. With increasing consumer demand, greater availability of vehicles and government support, sales of electric vehicles and chargers are growing strongly in parallel to the development of the EV charging point infrastructure. 

As individuals and businesses are increasingly facing pressure to diversify now, it is inevitable that your business, its customers, visitors or employees will be required to charge electric vehicles in the future. The pressure to reduce carbon emissions is also placing pressure to shift to electric vehicles (EV), with some businesses already replacing smaller vans with an electric vehicle (EV) fleet. EV charging provides your business with the opportunity to offset your emissions and even sell electricity to your staff and visitors.

Compatible with all electric plug-in vehicles

EV Charging Installations - Electric vehicle charger

Things to consider before you install an EV charging point:

The type, speed and number of chargers required.

The plug and charge system by authorised RFID or by registered users on an App.

The capacity to support the infrastructure, chargers locations and install requirements.

If you want to charge users now or in the future with ability to take payment via the app.

Innovative ways to help save infrastructure costs.

Electric car charging points | Wallbox Home Charger

EV charging points designed to fit your needs

Simple to configure with smart, touch-screen technology.

Sleek aluminium casing is durable in all weather conditions.

Compatible with all car brands, makes and models.

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Electric vehicle enablement

Trusted Partner

We appreciate there are many considerations, and this is why we guide our customers and develop their own unique electric vehicle enablement plans to meet their current and future requirements. We carefully look at all options in order to ensure we deliver the very best solutions whilst helping to control the costs.

EnergyForce has its very own charging range as well as innovative solutions to help support your electric vehicle (EV) enablement plans to control costs. As a trusted partner to hundreds of businesses and recognised by many Car Manufacturers, you are in safe hands with our Expert EV Charging Team.

For Dealerships

Seamless EV Charger Installation

Qualified, specialist engineers will analyse your site to provide the very best solution mitigating costly upgrades where possible. Our nationwide teams will install your charge point and our support team will provide your business with ongoing operations and maintenance support, after install.

Dynamic Load Management & Solar Battery Storage System Integration

It may be a requirement to control the flow of electricity to support the planned vehicle charging and to help satisfy Distribution Network Operators DNO’s requirements.

Our innovations in Dynamic Load Management through EnergyForce EnergyGuard as well as integration with Solar PV or Battery storage systems provides flexibility to sites to not only overcome restrictions but also providing extra capacity avoiding or delaying major capacity upgrade expense.

In that way you not only overcome restrictions but also gain extra capacity avoiding or delaying major capacity upgrade expenses. At EnergyForce we offer smarter charging controls and seamless integration.

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InMotion Charge Point Operator

Charge Point Operator and e-mobility Application

As a leading EV enablement provider throughout the UK we have invested and developed our own Charge Point Operator Platform (CPO) EnergyForce Inmotion.

EnergyForce Inmotion not only enables our EV support teams to monitor and provide remote support to you and your customers but also provides you a wealth of features to configure your chargepoint.

Chargepoint owners can set times they want the chargepoint to be available, what security authorisations they want, if they would like to charge for its use and if so, set their own value. Customers and staff can be split into separate groups giving total flexibility and on-set fees for its usage. Detailed reports can be downloaded on usage, revenue and availability.

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Our team of experts are on hand to guide you with your queries regarding EV charging and any additional solutions that you may be considering for your business.

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