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Solar Battery Storage

Our commercial solar batteries provide flexibility that can charge up during the day if linked with a solar PV panel system, and even during the night from the grid, if there are low energy demands or you have a lower nighttime tariff.

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An investment opportunity

Energy Force are experts in solar and battery storage solutions and can analyse your suitability and potential opportunities, providing the correct solution and installation. All our battery storage solutions can be installed as part of a wider energy strategy with commercial solar PV or as a stand-alone solution that creates cost saving and an investment opportunity.

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Reduce your costs

The cost of a solar battery storage system has reduced considerably over the past 5 years and provides significant flexibility where your site demands.

The commercial energy storage can store excess generation to be used later when needed or by modulating your electricity usage of grid electricity to reduce costs.

Our Commercial battery storage solutions can help store solar energy, generate additional revenue, facilitate load shifting, peak shaving and reduced reliance on fossil fuels, shrinking your carbon footprint.

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