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Energy Xchange

Achieving operational Net Zero means that your business is balancing the same volume of carbon it produces with the amount it removes or offsets from the atmosphere. Energy Xchange is an energy trading platform created by EnergyForce to accelerate Net Zero energy, by matching energy generation to energy demand. This means that the energy required to meet the demand has been generated by sustainable and renewable means, rather than through the use of finite resources.

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Energy Trading Platform

The implementation of green energy to help power your processes and operations vastly reduces your reliance on the grid and contributes to a decrease in your carbon footprint as a result. Our diverse platform includes all forms of green energy generation, as well as demand customers who want to power their homes and businesses by sustainable green energy.

Our energy trading platform enables EnergyForce to extract the best value for our clients, which ever side of the fence you sit. Our generation clients are assured the best market rates for export as well as presented further opportunities for expansion. Our demand customers can save significantly on their import rates, whilst also demonstrating their commitment to achieving operational Net Zero.

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Diverse Platform Of Energy Generation

EnergyForce Xchange is unique to EnergyForce clients; coupled with our solution delivery, we can further enhance your investment by either providing surety of market pricing or by providing low-cost sustainable energy.

We deliver the very best rates by having a diverse platform of generation such as Solar PV panels, Wind, Anaerobic Digestion, Gas Generation, Combined Heat and Power, Power from Water and battery storage. This diversity enables our platform to provide energy balancing, reducing the need to rely upon other trading routes. A prerequisite for admission to our platform is a commitment by all parties to ensure the efficient operation of their equipment. Poorly maintained equipment, or installations without a service level agreement for any repairs, can be costly to the platform, as any forecasted placements can be affected.

Reduce Your Impact

If you’re looking to reduce your impact on the planet and are interested in implementing renewable energy to power your home or business and its operations, then our Energy Xchange platform is the best way to facilitate this, in an efficient and affordable way. Making these changes, and working towards Net Zero, shows your commitment to a better and more sustainable future for everyone, whilst taking advantage of benefits such as a significant reduction to your energy costs.

Green Energy At Reduced Rates

Xchange provides homeowners and businesses of various sizes the opportunity to purchase green energy at considerably reduced rates, whilst enabling them on their path to Net Zero. Our energy trading platform allows businesses to purchase energy generation to match their full demand, without the added complexity of the management and upkeep of generating assets.

Our energy trading platform can offer surety to new or expanded investments into renewable energy generating systems. This can significantly increase the profitability or viability of new or additional schemes.

Increased Flexibility

Flexibility is also provided by a number of assets, further enhancing the effective balancing and benefiting all parties within the platform. Electric vehicle (EV) charging and battery storage are both ideal technologies to help with flexibility and with controlling demand at peak times, which in turn can offer participants further benefits.

How Energy Xchange Facilitates Net Zero

Enables business to purchase green energy direct from generators, actual origin, or grouped origin can be disclosed and used in their marketing.

Helps lower the cost of achieving Net Zero to many businesses.

Helps promote the installation of new green energy projects and offer financial security to new green energy investments.

Helps business integrate further renewable energy where their sites maybe restricted such as restrictions placed on maximum size of generation by local Distribution Network Operator. Area restriction either ground or roof to accommodate generators such as solar, PV etc.

Derisks renewable energy generation and enables businesses to benefit without the costs and resources required with onsite generation.

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