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EnergyForce Wallbox

Elegant design with enhanced performance

The EnergyForce Wallbox EV Charger is user-friendly and its features are configurable to suit your specific requirements. Includes OLED screen, Smart LED indicator lights, RFID and smart-app technology.

EnergyForce Wallbox

Smart Communication Features

Dynamic Load Balancing

Wallbox Diagram

Smart Connectivity

There is a network of up to 90 charging stations that the EnergyForce chargers can be connected to.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Sophisticated load balancing technology allows charging stations to share available power to guarantee that electricity is delivered as efficiently as possible.

User Control

View and control usage via the OLED screen, LED lights, RFID or via the smart-app technology

Robust Construction

Construction made from anodized aluminium ensures the charger is sleek but robust at the same time.


Our InMotion app and other Charge Point Operator platforms are compatible with Open Charge Point Protocol technology.






OLED Screen

Information about the charging process, as well as any errors during the charging process, are displayed.

LED Lights

There are clear LED light indicators that display when the battery is charging and when it is idle mode.


Allows for the ability and enhanced security of starting charging sessions through RFID tag, allowing for charge session tracking and usage data.

Smart App

To monitor and control the charger, connect to the EnergyForce Wallbox integrated dashboard or interface with the EnergyForce InMotion smart app through OCPP.

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Wallbox Car Charger
InMotion Charge Point Operator
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EnergyForce Wallbox

Technical Specification

EnergyForce Wallbox EV Charger


Safe charging1,4 kW - 22 kW
Communication OCPP 1.6 Protocolonline / offline
OLED graphic display + RFID reader + functional buttonsbuilt-in
Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) optional
Energy meter (separately for each phase voltage) optional
RCD AEnergyForce RCMB
Power cable-
IK Classification IK 10
IP ClassificationIP 54
Operating temperature-20°C / + 55°C
Height (mm)271
Width (mm)249
Depth (mm)156

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