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Rybrook Specialist Cars Bristol

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Rybrook Specialist Cars

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  • 155kwp installation
  • 414 solar modules
  • 3-week installation time
  • Estimated production of 146,400 KWh

Rybrook Specialist Cars Bristol is one of the leading providers of high performance and luxury vehicles such as Porsche, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lotus, Aston Martin and Land Rover, and part of one of the UK’s largest independently owned dealerships. Click here to visit Rybrook Specialist Cars website.

Its large, Bristol based site, has significant energy requirements when it comes to heating, lighting and increasingly, EV charging.

As a result, Rybrook (like many of its sister companies) decided to invest in Solar PV in order to reduce energy costs, and also its carbon footprint.

As a preferred partner to Rybrook Group, having installed multiple Solar PV and EV charging solutions for them across the UK, EnergyForce undertook an initial feasibility study to assess the best options.

From an initial site survey, through to energy consumption patterns, liaison with the grid, and an insight into future growth plans, EnergyForce were able to design an effective Solar PV installation, that would deliver a rapid return on investment, whilst also being future proof and scalable.

Within just three weeks, EnergyForce had installed a 155KWP system, consisting of 414 roof mounted Solar PV panels, providing up to 146,400 KWh of annual energy production.

Not only does this solution offer a significant reduction in energy consumption from the grid, but also a huge contribution towards supporting Rybrooks Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Once installed, EnergyForce is able to monitor Solar PV performance at all customer sites, and ensure that each installation continues to operate at peak performance, with dedicated aftercare and maintenance programmes.

Our support doesn’t end there. As your business grows, and your needs change, EnergyForce are on hand to help with scalable Solar PV solutions, through to EV Charging and Battery Storage.

Rybrook now has the option of using this cost-effective green energy to power existing uses such as heating and lighting, divert to their EnergyForce EV chargers, or to sell back to the grid.

As the business grows, Rybrook has the option of extending the Solar Panels further on both roofs and ground mount, or integrating them with our battery storage solutions, storing energy for use at peak demand times, reducing expensive energy usage from the grid.

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