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Key Park

Client Name:

Key Park

Client Location:

Tickton, East Yorkshire

System Size KWP:


KeyPark, Tickton is a thriving industrial estate located just a few minutes drive from the market town of Beverley, East Yorkshire. It’s home to many businesses both large and small and offers good transportation links and exceptional site security.

Thanks to EnergyForce, the industrial park is now supplied by a 250KWP ground mount solar installation. This makes the industrial park one of the greenest within East Yorkshire and its tenants are already benefiting by using sustainable green energy.

This installation also provides greater flexibility in the site’s electricity demand as well as future proofing the site as it continues to grow.

As part of the project, cabling was required back to the onsite substation so that the energy generated can easily be distributed throughout the site with minimal losses.

EnergyForce will continue to monitor the site’s performance through its Operations and Maintenance services. This service not only provides access to inverter level monitoring, but also has the capabilities to remotely perform updates as well as identifying failures and any loss of performance onsite. The preventative maintenance ensures the site will continue running at peak efficiency, maximising the solar investment.