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Solar Energy Funding


At EnergyForce we provide simple solar energy funding routes including a low capital purchase option or a simple lease or Power Purchase Agreement.

Through a self funded capital purchase, the full benefits of our solution and outright ownership are passed to you along with our industry leading warranties. EnergyForce will usually maintain your system for the first 2 years of ownership, however like many clients we hope that you will value our enhanced Operations and Maintenance options and allow EnergyForce to continue providing a valuable long term service.

The Solar Power Purchase Agreement like our solar lease requires no capital outlay, however a unit rate is agreed and payable for every kWh the system generates. The length of term usually ranges from 15-25 years and EnergyForce will operate, maintain and manage the solar installation for the period. The PPA unit rate is subject to annual inflation.

Our simple solar lease is an adaption of our Power Purchase Agreement; however it simplifies the agreements by setting a fixed monthly payment for the lease of the solar installation. There is no capital outlay required and our flexibility on the term length ranges from 5-25 years. During the term of the agreement EnergyForce will continue to operate, maintain and manage the solar installation. The fixed monthly payments are subject to annual inflation.

For more information on our funding options then please contact us.

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