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Sustainable Energy
in UK Farming

If you’re looking for Solar PV, Battery Storage & DSR, Electric Vehicle (EV) or Utility Scale Field opportunities, then EnergyForce is your expert sustainable energy partner.

With years of experience in the UK farming sector, we help farmers from the initial feasibility study, right through to financial projections, installation and commissioning plus Solar PV optimisation and maintenance.

Solar PV offers an excellent return on investment, with paybacks from 4 years, whilst Battery storage and DSR provide additional flexibility and income in the face of rising energy costs. Couple this with Electric Vehicle charging and Utility Scale Field opportunities, and you have the Future Farm.

Our consultative approach ensures that all costs and feasibility studies are based upon whole life expenditures, taking into account revenue, servicing, maintenance and degradation costs.

If you’re currently using Solar PV, then our Solar Optimisation programme can make a huge difference to the energy you generate and your investment returns, even if you’re at the limit of your Export agreement.

Whether you’re new to Solar PV, or would like to expand your existing potential, we offer a no obligation consultation. Contact us for for further details.

Whatever your commercial energy need or concerns, EnergyForce will provide
you full market insight and proven, profitable solutions; call today on 01964 508094

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